Terms of service

Welcome to the PPay Service (hereinafter "the Service"). The Service is jointly provided by PChome Thailand Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "PChome Thailand") and its third-party cooperating partners. Please carefully read the following terms and conditions prior to registering and using the Service. By completing the registration process or using the Service, you are deemed to have fully understood and have agreed to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

For the purposes of this TOS, "you" and "User" both mean the User that registers and uses the Service.

1. The Service

2. Registration, accounts, passwords, and security

3. Protection of personal information

4. About the Service

5. Rescission of transactions, overpayments, underpayments, and payment errors

6. PPay Bill Payment service

7. PPay Credit Card service

8. Withholding of payments received on behalf of the User

9. Withdrawal of payments received

10. Service fees

11. Prohibited activities, illegal activities, and breach of contract

12. Suspension or interruption of services

13. Limitations on liability

14. Termination of contract

15. Other provisions